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For example, if you are commonly being paid late, you can take proactive steps to improve your credit control or perhaps look into outsourcing this function to credit control experts. Look at the average debtor days for your industry. How does your business compare? This can provide good insight into the success of your efforts. Your cash flow may be impacted by having to wait for payment, even if customers do pay within terms. There is also the potential issue of non-payment or late payment which can leave your business vulnerable.

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Managing your credit control in-house requires significant resources. Is your competition offering more favourable credit terms than you are? This could result in customers going elsewhere instead. Take a look at this timeline to getting paid for more tips on how to create a clear credit control procedure. You can obtain all the necessary business information you need about a customer by asking them to complete an account opening form.

Many businesses have a trading name for marketing purposes and a registered name for formal correspondence. The registered name is vital in the event the customer fails to pay and you need to take further action. Always get the contact details for the most relevant person to send the invoice to. Getting these details wrong could cause delays in payment so make sure you check them.

So make sure you have details for accounts payable so you can contact them directly if any issues arise. Credit reports provide valuable insight into the financial status of your customers. You can use this information to decide how much credit you are willing to extend. Check the creditworthiness of your repeat customers on an ongoing basis, not just before the first order.

Circumstances change and a previously prompt payer could suddenly find themselves in difficulty.

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Large businesses are now required to report on their payment practices. The information provided could give you insight into their financial health. Late filings in particular could be a sign of trouble. Building a strong relationship with your customers will encourage them to purchase more goods and services from your business whilst also improving your chances of getting paid on time. Make regular courtesy calls to your customer to continue building that relationship and ensure that your invoice stays front of mind.

There are a number of early warning signs that indicate your customer might not pay you. Keeping a watchful eye for these could help you spot a problem before it damages your cash flow. The way different sectors are currently performing could indicate if a business is likely to experience any economic factors which could affect their ability to pay you.

Another way to check the creditworthiness of your customers is to join a credit circle where you can share and access important creditor trends with fellow companies. Always let your customers know when you will next be in touch. This manages their expectations and demonstrates that timely payment is important to you and that you have an efficient credit control strategy in place. For more information on what you need to know about your customers take a look at these essential questions to ask.

When it comes to improving credit management one of the most overlooked tactics is to create a more efficient invoicing procedure. As soon as your goods or services have been provided send your customer an invoice. Any delay you make will give your customer an excuse to stall payment. Transitioning to a digital invoicing system could significantly speed up your invoicing process and improve your cash flow as it avoids the need to print, post and process hard copies.

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Make sure when sending the invoice you address it to the most relevant person. Always include your credit terms in a prominent position that your customer can clearly see. Clearly provide an exact date that payment must be received by. This will reduce the chances of your customer missing the deadline date. Any mistakes — no matter how big or small — could lead to disputes and delays in payment. So always check that you have got your numbers right. If you need to bill for more than originally discussed speak to the customer first.

Do not just assume they will be happy with any extra fees. It could lead them to refuse to pay the outstanding balance. Get signed up for this early so they can check you out. You fill out am employment form. If they call you can always say, "no," but if you need quick cash -- call in early and they will find you a place that day. I don't think you'll get much for your old flip phone. But, if you have a newer gadget, like last year's smartphone or tablet, then you can sell them on eBay or Craigslist to make a few extra bucks.

Again, try this out now and get signed up, so if you are ever in a pinch, you already know how to sell and get the cash fast. I've known plenty of people who visits a thrift store or local Goodwill. One of these people starts by looking online for in-demand items. This person then purchases these items for a couple of bucks at the local thrift and flips them online for a nice profit.

If you're like me, you have some books and DVDs just collecting dust in your home. You can sell them on sites like Amazon, Half. These sell really well. Just go on Craigslist and look for people giving away stuff for free. You may be able to flip those items for a couple of bucks, but that adds up quickly.

If it's just junk, like a broken washer, you can go visit the scrap yard and sell the metal -- some want the old washer pieces. Years ago when I lost my job I did this for nearly 6 months. It kept money flowing into my bank account. It's amazing what people will give away for free just to get rid of it. If you have a friend with a truck you have an extra bonus! If you don't have much to sell, or just want to bulk-up your inventory, sell stuff that belongs to your friends, family, or neighbors, that they don't want.

Sometimes they'll just give you their junk if they're cleaning out their home, but it's always fair to give them a cut. You won't believe what "junk" older people will let you dig through in the garage if you mow their lawn, dig leaves out of the rain gutter and take out the trash. They'll pay you for the work, too. If you don't want to part with belongings, but still want to monetize them, then you can rent them out. Anything from yard tools to an extra bedroom on Airbnb, your car to your garage or parking space.

My sister-in-law rents out her couch nearly every weekend for weddings, because it's so awesome. If you have a pickup, or at least know someone who does, then you can collect scrap metal from friends, family, neighbors, and even people getting rid of it on Craigslist for next-to-nothing. You then go directly to your local scrap yard and make some quick cash.

Here's a site that tells you the scrap metal prices and provides some professional advice as well. Even if you're not a professional photographer, but enjoy capturing images, especially unusual images, then you can sell your photos to stock photography like Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStock Photo, and Foap. You don't make a fortune on these, but every time your photo is purchased you'll get paid.

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Do you have a bunch of unused gift cards lying around? If you have some clothing or furniture you want to unload, then consignment shops are a great option. You can also visit a local pawn shop and sell pretty much anything you want to them. You probably won't get the best price, but you'll get cash instantly.

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Also, pawn shops are an option for loans since they use your items as collateral. That means if you can't pay back the loan they'll keep the stuff that you brought-in. Baby items, prom dresses, wedding dresses and business attire for women sell really well and there are quite a few shops around. Sometimes you can just sell your unwanted items directly in your front yard. Of course, location and weather can impact your sale. I would suggest organizing a community yard sale so that it becomes an event that draws more potential customers.

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Get your signs up early and go back and take those signs down so everyone can continue to have yard sales. We've all received a gift that we either don't like or already have.

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If it's still in the package you can return it to the retailer. In most cases, retailers will accept them up to a year later. If you're a pet owner then you definitely don't mind paying people to take care of your extended family. You can also charge people to walk or feed their pets while they're at work or on vacation. You'll make more money though for overnight rials. Bone marrow, which is also a tissue that's found in the centers of the large bones, contains stem cells.