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Relief group Feeding America teamed up with agency Leo Burnett and the Ad Council to create a virtual visage based on the faces of 1, hunger-afflicted Americans. These photos reflected the actual demographics seen in USDA food security data.

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The creative team then used visual effects tools to overlay that composite face onto a real person, engineering a passably realistic-looking spokeswoman for the issue. To create the face, the agency used a generative adversarial network, or GAN, a cutting-edge form of machine learning in which one neural network hones artificial images until another can no longer tell the difference between them and real-life photos.

Feeding America also puts out its own local-level data that shows that no U. Ad of the Day. By Patrick Kulp. The face is a composite based on photos of 1, Americans who can't afford to stay fed.

An AI Created This Portrait of Hunger in America by Analyzing 1, People in Need – Adweek

Leo Burnett. However, problems arise if this kind of eating is the only or the main strategy used to cope with negative emotions — like anger, depression or anxiety. Sometimes we may only eat one thing e. In other cases we eat more than we originally intended, for example, a craving for potato chips turns into eating the whole bag — or we may start by wanting to eat a few cookies and then end up eating the entire package.

This type of eating often leaves us feeling guilty, ashamed, or out-of-control. This is when emotional eating becomes emotional overeating.

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This is when it becomes a problem. It can be easy to mistake emotional hunger for physical hunger, however the two are quite different. Emotional eating creates a vicious cycle where negative emotions compel us to consume unhealthy foods, followed by other negative emotions that lead to feeling badly about ourselves.

Different Hunger Media

Emotional eating can also lead to other negative consequences: negative body image, low self-esteem, weight gain, the worsening of other physical conditions e. There is no one main cause or trigger, and it is likely to be a complex combination of genetic, psychological, environmental, social and biological factors. We do know that people who engage in emotional overeating do so to change how we feel in the moments we are feeling distress of some kind.

For those living with chronic intergenerational trauma, there can be many moments of emotional distress — times when we are feeling especially depressed, anxious or upset. Stopping emotional overeating first involves recognizing the behavior is a problem.

Hunger of a Different Kind - Emotional Eating

If you think you have a problem with your eating — emotional overeating or any other eating disorder — speak to your health care provider. The resources below offer various strategies to address emotional overeating.

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