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Creating something and an energy in the room that everyone could identify with no matter what they identified as. I remember at the end of the piece I felt really good and I was breathing and everyone was connected. That made me feel that I did a really great job and also like people could connect to this abstract thought that I was having with sheets and feathers and soft things. Soft things while being soft. To be able to do that felt very important to me. What is something you are working on now that you are excited to put out into the world?

Seeing what things people really zoned in on and accentuated was interesting. Are you doing? Are you….?? My music is a different entity from theirs so having people wanting me to be that really freaked me out.

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You know? A few things, I try when I do tasks or things that I need to do I try and remind myself how I finish them. Yesterday I just wrote down things I did for myself for today. Like: I nourished my body today, I ate some food, I went to work so I made some money. That whatever I put out in the world artistically that I can do that fully. Ultimately that inspires people and can be relatable to other black people and other people of color. I also want to have money for my people and I want to provide for them.

In Chicago there are so many small organizations that if they had a little bit of money they could do so much with it.

Do you think that influences the way you work as an artist? I worked on a film with other Chicago artists on a really difficult time where I found out that I was bipolar. Each costume is a different mood and I want to work on more acting with dialogue. I feel like New York is a space where I can do that and flourish.

I identify as queer. I feel like gender is so complicated. And sexuality. And all these different things. Everyday I work towards owning myself and gaining back this power that is taken from me everyday. I want to be able to coexist. What do you want to put out into the world?

What type of work will make you feel satisfied at the end of the day? For me to gain back some of this power and empower myself. In doing that, will definitely empower other people. Other crazy people that are just struggling. I want them to be able to connect to my own experiences and to know that their experiences are the truth. I also want to do work that makes me feel satisfied. Like I will be at a point that I will be content in my own work and worth and my art will be something I feel satisfied. Something good I can show other people. And I know that it will just continue.

What would you say to artists out there that are trying to do art for themself? Let your creativity flow! In the end, it benefits you a lot more. Specifically with me, I was so afraid to share anything on social media. I lived in fear for so long. My work in drag and with photography and performance art is incredibly vulnerable and I put a lot of my emotion into it.

The only way I overcome things is through my work. Whether that be through my drag persona, Saint, or me taking a portrait of myself crying. I believe it to be most powerful. With my work I hope to impact someone in a positive light and for them to have a deeper understanding of mental health, queerness, and identity. Also trying to overcome a lot of obstacles in my work and that feels really good.

7 Queer-Friendly Gyms & Workouts To Check Out In NYC

That negativity. That you can turn into something positive. We have these emotions for a reason and we can learn from them and grow from them. I was assaulted last year and I struggled for a really really long time. She came at a time when I really needed her.

The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk

When I was so so down. Yes, absolutely. I had so much confidence on stage and I was able to apply that to my day to day life as Anthony. A beautiful storm, a lovely little glittery disaster. Especially living in the city, I never have the time to fully produce what I dreamed but not just because of the city but because my dreams are wildly unattainable at times. The time, the money, everything.

What I end up presenting is this rough, abstract sketch of some kind of fantasy. How would you say your identity is channeled through your work or that your work helps you connect to your identity? For obvious reasons, my drag has always been super linked to my gender identity. Whether I knew it or not. Before I recognized and came out as trans, I used to be a very mainstream drag queen that was super uber feminized.

Ridiculous shows of femininity because that is what I needed at the time. Now I am coming into my skin and I feel very comfortable as a transfemme creature. Whatever you want to bring into the space. One of the regular parties I do is this karaoke party at the Rosemont every Monday night for the past few months. Just watching some of the people who first came to the show quiet and shy little beings and watching them blossom has been one of the most gratifying things ever. As far as my higher self goes, I feel it connected to other people. Would you say that all these mediums have made you feel sound and reassured, like a warm blanket?

Which is chill. But not necessarily the most healthy. Escapism is absolutely how I would define my creations. Very much in line with my pisces nature. I have done, seen, or been a part of something different and I have not only left my mark upon that scene, individual, or group of individuals but also have allowed that scene to leave their mark upon me.

As Much As I Can, As Black As I Am: The Queer History of Grace Jones

I get a lot of material from my dom work and I bring into my comedian work. Having creative outlets keep me sane and keep me going. She strong this year!! They save me in the end.

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I find a balance in all of them because they are so ingrained in my being. By doing that work I was able to regain confidence I never had before.

A Modern Queer Renaissance

But I became more confident to try things. I took the adrenaline of the stage into my love life. Born in Nantes to academic parents, she battled social awkwardness by retreating into literature. At 17, she fell in love with a woman and styled herself like Marie Antoinette, all puffy skirts and caked-on makeup.

Her early 20s brought with it both an expulsion from a theatre school and a catastrophic breakup. Slowly, they helped to rebuild her. The less contrary route for album number two would have been to carry on where she left off, making supple pop soap operas in the vein of Chaleur Humaine.

Or to go the full-on pop route and draft in additional producers. In fact, she had early sessions with both Mark Ronson and Damon Albarn. She also had her own dalliance with writing songs for others. I tried Confident in her decision to go it alone, she cut her hair short and started again as Chris.

The nickname emerged out of striking out the rest of [the name]. It was a way to be really sincere again. Of reaffirming freedom.

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  • Most recently, she has been obsessing over Madonna , specifically her testy, Erotica-era interviews. She admits that the promotional tour for this album has been hard, not least in France. Pansexuality [is] impossible to simplify and I think people hate me in France for that. She is cautious about the dialogue around queer identity, too.

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    Another recent controversy at home centred around Girlfriend utilising generic royalty-free loops from recording software Logic Pro. I was rolling my eyes so much this summer that I was aching. This same summer, Chris turned It marked the end of a turbulent decade of heartbreaking lows and skyscraping highs.