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The King's Bastard

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Taiah Beautifully created. Vancarmiel Vahn-kahr-mee-ell. Rossarinya Rohs-sar-inn-yah. Haeronalda lit. Meldainiel Mehl-dye-nee-ell. Tarellethiel lit.

Tardoliel tr. Habristiel lit. Valainantiel Vahl-eye-nahn-tee-ell. Tiffany Appearance of God. Eruthiawen Air-oo-thee-ah-wehn. I don't really consider the 'lore' side of things - I just pick things I like the sound of. DA: O the ones I remember. I am pretty sure I forgot some. I know I deleted some because I just felt in general meh on how they would play in the long run.

Solona Amell I know, I know but I like that name. I posted in another name thread a while ago. But, to answer your question, my names are a hodgepodge.

Alternative Models - Dread Elves (DE)

And finally a robed Arabic dude wielding a weaponized sea shell. He's actually a taker for me just to add to my Tallarn army. So I see potential here, and a few figs I might buy, but I'm not in love yet. So those of you whose Gamma World campaigns have been on hold for lack of a good mutant cyborg armadillo warrior your prayers are answered.

So they should sell as many as three of these! And last but not least A toad demon! He can also serve as a frog demon with a bit of green stuff work.

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The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! The last two unrelated models are cool, though. Reply by: Commander Cain - click to view full reply. Those models are pretty uninspiring though. Love the toad demon though! Reply by: morpheuschild - click to view full reply.

Pretty fethed up. Also, 2 of the players were donkey-caves so we bowed out. Reply by: Gallahad - click to view full reply. The anatomy is not strong with these ones. Glowy hand dude is particularly awful. Reply by: highlord tamburlaine - click to view full reply.

Looks similar. I kinda like it. Reply by: Mike Mee - click to view full reply. Reaper are back! Reply by: sing your life - click to view full reply. Now I've kind of lost hope for humanity. Reply by: gunslingerpro - click to view full reply. Have an exalt on me. Reply by: Thunderfrog - click to view full reply. Exalted the Toad Demon!

First off we have a model I've waited ages for, and plan to get as a gift for Mrs. Next we have a model that can not only serve as a Dwarf Cleric, but also as a human cleric whose walking on his knees like the old Tim Conway Dorf on Golf sketches. Remember those?

They were kind of vaguely amusing. And then we have um A female half ork jester? I remember Jesters from an old Dragon Magazine, they were an optional class and had the unique power of being able to control a Wand of Wonder. So I guess if anyone has that old Dragon, and wants to play a female half orc, they're in business. I seriously do not understand how Reaper decides what to sculpt sometimes This next figure is a man of mystery. Like, why does he have his grocery receipts tied to his wrists?

And how does he draw that sword of his? Does he like have an acolyte standing behind him who draws it and hands it back to him? Does he use it to cut off the grocery receipts? There is no purchase necessary to enter. You can also complete and mail-in an entry form for a chance to win. Void where prohibited. My quotes are considered legitimate, if correctly uploaded. Here's how applicable to any quote : Sample quote: "If you've made up your mind to impale someone, do it with conviction. Thank you! No purchase necessary. No posting necessary. Need not be present to win.

Give Jacquie Rogers your best shot! Cats, Dogs, and Equine categories. Win print books, T-shirts, earrings, and other prizes contributed by a dozen authors. Plus one grand prize winner of. The Best Pet Picture. We are hoping to raise enough funds to get a building. Right now our adoption center consists of a tiny corner of our local PetCo. The reason I am contacting all of you is because I am on the planning committee and we are currently seeking silent auction items. If you are interested in donating an autographed book or really anything, please contact me at bookmaedin comcast.

You do have permission to forward this on to any other author friends. I am donating. What is a Queen to do when the sperm donor of her dreams says no? The virtuous White Knight, 'Rhett, is caught between a problem father who has all the moral integrity of a Mafia Don, and a married Princess who would stop at nothing to have his seed in her belly. No matter which way he turns, he's "forked. Pleasure Moon of Eurydyce 'Rhett's bedchamber "Alienating a Mated female's affections is the wrong thing to do in any civilized world," he recited.

After all, she wouldn't be there, in his bed, begging to have his baby if she didn't find him attractive. After all, any stud would warn a casual conquest that she would very likely fall in love with him and get her alley-cat heart broken. Did it matter that he was not the experienced, sexually sophisticated lover of her dreams? No, because she wasn't going to find out. He didn't want her to like him. Nevertheless, he stopped short of questioning whether there was any genuine love and affection to be destroyed.

Electra could not possibly love her bald, hairless, naked Volnoth King with his flashing, pop-up body parts and a surgically deformed warhand that could rip her throat out. My affections are not an issue. My Mate needs an heir. He cannot sire one on me, and he cannot and will not admit it. The more she thrashed about for an acceptable reason to fool around, the more she brought out the latent predator in him. Over Viz-Igerd? I could prove, any time I wanted to do so, that your baby was my get.

On the other hand, she was gorgeous, hot, a goddess, she wanted to have his baby, she knew the risks, and yet still she was in his bed. He was master here, in this place with his brothers and his father within earshot. He could do what he pleased, and she wouldn't dare to cry out. She was his to punish. Who knows, he might learn something.

Electra understood that, and for once she did not know what to do about it. Here they lay, together, on his bed, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, whispering like lovers. He was naked, she was fully dressed, and yet she was the one who felt vulnerable despite her protection. His arm was raised, holding hers, and the tantalizing scent of his pheromones made her want to bury her nose in the sensitive softness of his armpit and breathe in. His bare skin smelled of heady arousal, a recent washing, and of male. The dark centers of his cold, green eyes were large and unfathomable.

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Either excitement, contempt, or anger flared his nostrils. He smiled a welcome, but showed his teeth in warning. The Moonstone's light threw sinister shadows across his face. When she'd decided to come here, she'd mentally rehearsed different versions of the same basic conversation. She'd thought of speaking in impersonal, clinical terms, of demanding his body fluids in the same way that royal gynecological faculty servants explained how Her Majesty should provide a urine sample. But he was more than a delivery system.

She'd considered treating the entire process as an embarrassing practical joke, but jokes were ultimately shared, and what she wanted was a deadly serious matter. If she made a joke of it, he might share the joke with others or take his participation lightly. Or he might presume upon the connection and develop a delusion that they were intimately entwined. Here's the problem. I am not the sexual equivalent of an espresso machine. I don't ejaculate to order. How will you bring me to the point where I want to ejaculate?

Electra did not understand his comment about what kind of machine he was not. She did understand that he was angry about her choice of words. How will you make me want to touch myself? With a shock of surprise, she noticed that her private parts had begun to pulse and snatch nothing, like the pelvic floor exercises one performed. You do know what a yawn is? One yawn sets off a spontaneous and involuntary chain reaction of others' yawns.

Real men…and gods…don't do that. Try again. It would make me feel like touching your breasts. If you were to lift your breasts in your hands, I would look on that as an offer. I would dip my head and lick and suck on your breasts. I might lick gently and suck hard. Or lick hard and suck gently.

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I'd take my time…a very long time. I'd play with your breasts with my mouth and with my hands until my tongue was tired and I'd run out of ways to make your nipples change shape and color and size and texture. That's what I'd want to do. Is that what you'd like me to do?

He was the most difficult god she'd ever tried to talk to. I am unaccustomed to males who are not animals. Prince Djarrhett would not be moved to ejaculate out of speciesism. Any sum, great or small, would be a body insult. Suppose you touch me? Go for the operative part, just as you were doing when I woke up and intercepted your hand. Now, he shook it gently. Imagine your mouth…" "Excuse me? Your what? My root of all evil. My shaft of all pleasures.

My volcano of love. My magic mushroom that springs up in the dark. My full-boost vertical. My—" "Do ridiculous sayings like this excite you, Prince Djarrhett? I leave exciting me to you. This is all your idea, so seduce me at your peril, if you can. I see no reason to help you, and every reason not to cooperate.

Come now, you went to the Island School For Princesses, didn't you? Surely you haven't forgotten what they taught you in Concubinage class. In all her controlled and public life, she had never felt so close to breaking down. He could. She was in his power. With his free hand he could knead one of her lovely breasts until she gasped. He could play the tough, heartless superimpregnator. She knew that he was Djinn. She only wanted him because of it, which was bloody insulting. Rules, now. There must be "rules for a rake" that he should observe, were he—at this fork in his life—to take the broad, low road and to become a young, wicked, dangerous debaucher of lovely, virtuous females.

Not that Electra could by any stretch of the imagination be called virtuous, and he would not be debauching her. The boot would be on the other leg. She would be taking his virginity…but he'd be damned if he'd let her know it, no matter how much of a turn-on it would be to be taken in hand by an Island School graduate who knew a lot about sex. He would definitely formulate a code of conduct, because he enjoyed making rules.

Making rules, like doing mental arithmetic, was an effective way of resisting the urge to do with his free hand exactly what she wanted him to do. Rule One, then. Never sleep with a lady only once, especially in the case of an older lady. There would have to be a second occasion, shortly after the first, to prove that he was not after only one thing; also, to avoid leaving the lady with the impression that he'd found her too slow or too demanding in bed.

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Electra was demanding. Delightfully so. She'd taken the lead and said what she wanted. Now what would she do? Or was she trying to get a leg up and over him? That reminded him. Rider to Rule One. Having sex multiple times the first sleepover does not count as more than one "date. There had to be a Rule Two. The lady "comes" first? Ladies first, by whatever means necessary? He considered that.

Did a shameless, Royal adulteress—who was only there for the semen—count as a lady? On the other hand, where would be the power play, where would be the punishment, if she got what she wanted without having to put out? If it took a lot of fumbling and prodding, and a great deal of experimentation on his part, what choice would she have? She could hardly laugh—or swear—at him, or she'd never have her wicked way.

Rule Three. The rest of the Nevers. Never wear a thong. Never kiss with a closed mouth, it's ungodly. Never kiss with open eyes…unless she does. Never strike, force, or take advantage of a lady, even if she climbs into your bed of her own volition. Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted. She promptly fell off the bed. Click the banner to buy the book. I enjoyed it so much, after I reached the last page I started right from the beginning again.

If you only have time to read one book this season, I highly recommend you run out and grab a copy today! The whole novel revolves around sex! Whatever parallels you draw, Cherry spins a great story. Knight's Fork is not quite science fiction, nor is it paranormal romance. I am a fan of Rowena Cherry. No doubt about it. She's a stellar writer, and her worlds are incredibly intricate. Not to mention the fact that her Djinn Princes are mouth-wateringly hot and scrumptious. She also has a way of turning a phrase that hooks you and never lets go, such as Carpe Scrotum, Seize Life by the Testicles.

How can you not love Rowena Cherry? I recommend this sci-fi romance to anyone who enjoys emotional chess and divining astrological tarot cards. Five stars! Rowena Cherry has always been one of my favorite authors. Okay, let's set up the world. Rowling weaves the world of Wizards. Jul 30, If you have an appreciation Knight's Fork is intended to be a stand-alone book, but it is also the sequel to Forced Mate and to its sequel, Insufficient Mating Material.

It was wonderful. Thank you. David Ewen www. Please feel free to use it as you see fit. Hope to have you on again when you get another book published. There is also a LIVE chat during the shows. Follow the link below and Seize Life by the Testicles. The Queen Consort of the Volnoth needs a sperm donor, and only one green-eyed god has the right stuff.

The King's Bastard (King Rolen's Kin, #1) by Rowena Cory Daniells

Little does she know she has I'm exhausted just listing it all. Get Real! Publishing Myths Exposed! Arming yourself with knowledge is always a good idea and my intention is to share what I've found to be the biggest myths in publishing. There are twelve that rise to the surface for me, you might have a few that you've learned the hard way. I hope that I can help dispel a few myths and, in the process, give you a few promotional tips as well.

No, this will never happen, nor should you ask for this. Doing this will show you are a novice. If you get back a bad review, try to learn from it and move on. It happens to everyone at least once, it's disheartening but unfortunately, it's part of the business. Not true. For some authors radio is golden, but that's few and far between. Doing a lot of radio may be great for your exposure, but it may not sell books. The best type of radio are interviews that are done to promote an event or workshop, that way you can at least drive people to something, rather than hoping they'll click on your site.

Some years back, Oprah decided to be "unique" when selecting her books and she picked a title that came from a very small publisher. Because a mention on the Oprah show can produce a high demand, the publisher could not keep up with the orders, nor did they have enough in stock or stocked in a bookstore. The result? A lot of viewers called into the show when they couldn't find the book and Oprah vowed never to feature a small press title again.

The challenge here is always availability. If you have a book from a small press but it has significant bookstore placement and availability, be sure to let the producers know this when you're pitching the book. It could go a long way to helping you gain consideration for the show!

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Bestseller lists are funny things, many of them, like the New York Times list are not based on sales but rather on exposure and popularity. Meaning that if your book is gaining huge popularity, it might not be selling a ton of copies but bookstores are buzzing about it. The New York Times has around thirty or so bookstores around the country that report to them on what's hot and what's not.