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We sharpen and return by US Mail.

Send to. Benson, North Carolina Agriculture Street is the physical location of the Sharpening Trailer.

Industrial Knife Sharpening

Please do not mail your knives for sharpening to that location. Mail your knives to :. Ronnie has been sharpening knives for more than 25 years. Our cutlery store was open from until We continued the sharpening service at the State Farmer's Market. We can sharpen while you shop the market or dine at the Seafood Restaurant.

Sharpening Schedule

So wrap up your knives and scissors with your dish cloth and come on out to the Farmer's Market. Depending on your total items, the wait time is usually around thirty minutes. We do not accept credit cards , but you may pay with check or cash. Beck's Cutlery. Home Shop Memories. The small particles that do the cutting are loosely bound together in the stone, and so during sharpening with the whetstone, the surface particles are quickly washed out, allowing new, sharp, particles to start working on the blade.

These whetstones must be lubricated only with water! Never use oil or other lubricants! If you are using your knife to cut meat it is best to stop at between and grit as you can bend your knife edge on the muscle.

Knife sharpening

For rough sharpening — to grind off chips in the edge or for when the blade is unusually dull — stones from to grain are called for. We recommend stones with a grain between and in this case. For normal sharpening, stones between and grain are used.

We recommend stones between and grain. To take off the fine scratches and the burr left by coarser stones, and polish the surface, one can use stones starting around grain. Above that there is theoretically no upper limit, but at the same time stones above about provide no measurable practical improvement in the edge.

A Guide to Choosing and Using a Whetstone or Sharpening Stone

It is also interesting to note that above grit, there is no Japanese measurement standard. For those who have reasonable experience with sharpening, we recommend a finish stone of grit. If one is not certain, or for beginners, stones with a grit between and will produce acceptable results.

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So, in principle one needs at least three stones if one has to do significant amounts of sharpening. The size that one chooses depends mostly on a trade off between cost and speed. The bigger the stone, the faster one can work.

How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives the Right Way • Gear Patrol

The smaller stones work just as well, they just take a little more time. With a number less than a is primarily used for knives which are damaged.

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  • If your blade has any nicks or chips in the blade, then these stones will get rid of those for you in no time. The above dual stones come with a coarse side for fixing nicks and chips and medium side for general sharpening. If your knives have also completely lost their edge then these stones will also get it back for you.