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Some critics have suggested that the charismatic Irving was the basis for Dracula. After seeing a performance of the story, Stoker asked Irving what he thought. Although Stoker set his book in Transylvania, he never visited the country. Instead, he researched the setting as best asa he could and imagined the rest. Stoker spent many summers in nearby Cruden Bay and was familiar with the surrounding sites, including these castle ruins on a hill. In Dracula , vampire Lucy is killed by her suitor when he opens her coffin and stakes her in the heart.

Stoker may have borrowed this from the experience of his neighbor, poet and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti who, incidentally, was the nephew of John Polidori. Then in , he changed his mind and the coffin was raised in the middle of the night so he could retrieve the book. Then, right before it was published, Stoker changed the title once more to Dracula. What's in a name? Well, it's tough to say. Upon release, Dracula got good reviews, but it was slow to sell, and by the end of his life, Stoker was so poor that he had to ask for a compassionate grant from the Royal Literary Fund.

The Gothic tale didn't become the legend it is today until film adaptations began popping up during the 20th century. Luckily for us, one survived. Eventually, it made its way to the United States and developed a cult following. The movies are what really made Dracula a star. Take the pledge at howlifeunfolds. CC via 2. Revolution While Marie was fulfilling her wifely duties and setting fashion trends in the court at Versailles, France was starving.

Marie Antoinette was prevented from seeing it, but fainted upon learning of it. On 21 September , the fall of the monarchy was officially declared and the National Convention became the governing body of the French Republic. The royal family name was downgraded to the non-royal " Capets ". Preparations began for the trial of the king in a court of law. He was found guilty by the Convention, led by the Jacobins who rejected the idea of keeping him as a hostage. The queen, now called "Widow Capet", plunged into deep mourning.

Throughout her imprisonment and up to her execution, Marie Antoinette could count on the sympathy of conservative factions and social-religious groups which had turned against the Revolution, and also on wealthy individuals ready to bribe republican officials in order to facilitate her escape; [] These plots all failed. Strict security measures were taken to assure that Marie Antoinette was not able to communicate with the outside world. Despite these measures, several of her guards were open to bribery and a line of communication was kept with the outside world. After Louis' execution, Marie Antoinette's fate became a central question of the National Convention.

While some advocated her death, others proposed exchanging her for French prisoners of war or for a ransom from the Holy Roman Emperor. Thomas Paine advocated exile to America. By the end of May, the Girondins had been chased from power. To carry this out, Louis Charles was separated from his mother on 3 July after a struggle during which his mother fought in vain to retain her son, who was handed over to Antoine Simon , a cobbler and representative of the Paris Commune.

Until her removal from the Temple, Marie Antoinette spent hours trying to catch a glimpse of her son, who, within weeks, had been made to turn against her, accusing his mother of wrongdoing. Leaving the tower she bumped her head against the lintel of a door, which prompted one of her guards to ask her if she was hurt, to which she answered, "No! Nothing now can hurt me.

She was under constant surveillance, with no privacy. At least once she received a visit by a Catholic priest. Marie Antoinette was tried by the Revolutionary Tribunal on 14 October Some historians believe the outcome of the trial had been decided in advance by the Committee of Public Safety around the time the Carnation Plot was uncovered.

This last accusation drew an emotional response from Marie Antoinette, who refused to respond to this charge, instead appealing to all mothers present in the room; their reaction comforted her, since these women were not otherwise sympathetic to her. Early on 16 October, Marie Antoinette was declared guilty of the three main charges against her: depletion of the national treasury, conspiracy against the internal and external security of the State, and high treason because of her intelligence activities in the interest of the enemy; the latter charge alone was enough to condemn her to death.

Preparing for her execution, she had to change clothes in front of her guards. She put on a plain white dress, white being the color worn by widowed queens of France. Her hair was shorn, her hands bound painfully behind her back and she was put on a rope leash. A constitutional priest was assigned to her to hear her final confession. He sat by her in the cart, but she ignored him all the way to the scaffold.

Because its capacity was exhausted the cemetery was closed the following year, on 25 March Christian burial of the royal remains took place three days later, on 21 January, in the necropolis of French kings at the Basilica of St Denis. For many revolutionary figures, Marie Antoinette was the symbol of what was wrong with the old regime in France. The onus of having caused the financial difficulties of the nation were placed on her shoulders by the revolutionary tribunal, [] and under the new republican ideas of what it meant to be a member of a nation, her Austrian descent and continued correspondence with the competing nation made her a traitor.

Furthermore, her execution was seen as a sign that the revolution had done its work. Long after her death, Marie Antoinette remains a major historical figure linked with conservatism , the Catholic Church , wealth , and fashion. She has been the subject of a number of books, films and other media.

Politically engaged authors have deemed her the quintessential representative of class conflict , western aristocracy and absolutism. Some of her contemporaries, such as Thomas Jefferson, attributed to her the start of the French Revolution. Rousseau ascribes these words to a "great princess", but the purported writing date precedes Marie Antoinette's arrival in France. Some think that he invented it altogether. In the United States, expressions of gratitude to France for its help in the American Revolution included naming a city Marietta, Ohio in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see Marie Antoinette disambiguation. Last Queen of France prior to the French Revolution. Basilica of St Denis. Louis XVI of France m. Main article: Affair of the Diamond Necklace. Main article: Flight to Varennes.

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Main article: Cultural depictions of Marie Antoinette. Ancestors of Marie Antoinette [] 8. Charles V, Duke of Lorraine 4. Leopold, Duke of Lorraine 9. Eleonore of Austria 2.

Early life and role in the court of Louis XVI

Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate 1. Marie Antoinette Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor 6. Eleonore Magdalene of Neuburg 3. Maria Theresa of Austria Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick Christine Louise of Oettingen-Oettingen. Children of Marie Antoinette.

He was never officially king, nor did he rule. Marie-Antoinette, les dangereuses liaisons de la reine. Paris, France: Belfond. Paris, France: Editions Didier Millet. Paris, France: Fayard. Charpentier, G. La Du Barry. Paris, France.


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5 Things You Might Not Know About Marie Antoinette

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Bourdeaux: Frederic Guillaume Birnstiel. Bonnet, Marie-Jo Queen of France: a biography of Marie Antoinette.

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Hermann, Eleanor Sex With The Queen. Hibbert, Christopher The Days of the French Revolution. Harper Perennial. Johnson, Paul Lanser, Susan S. In Goodman, Dena ed. Marie-Antoinette: Writings on the Body of a Queen. Psychology Press. London: Portrait. Schama, Simon Articles Help! Support our work! Want personalized picks that fit your family? Set preferences to see our top age-appropriate picks for your kids. Marie Antoinette.

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Positive Messages. Sexual slang "bush," etc. Marie is very materialistic; she shops constantly for clothes and shoes. What parents need to know Parents need to know that this is a punk-rock version of history. Continue reading Show less. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by ahmed aiman 99 April 30, The doomed queen falls flat, but in a most stunning way!

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