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At Amazon. Take your own journey with this classic instructional. Compiled from his syndicated semi-weekly columns from and full of wisdom, Bobby Jones on Golf has been a must-read for over three decades. From the section on Memorable Advice Among the many wise things they observed about the game, two especially impressed me.

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He does the same in this book. There are no mysteries or unknowables, just fundamentals that all good players must execute. The wisdom of the advice is so self-evident but, ah, the application remains difficult.

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For any who suggest that times have passed Mr. Jones by, remember that he hit yard drives with hickory shafts and vastly inferior golf balls.

The book is a gem with every page full of sound advice that will help any golfer. Include your Review If you read this book, drop us a line at feedback MyScorecard.

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In addition, if you know of a golf book that's a classic or an undiscovered gem, send us an email with the suggestion. Great tips on playing golf.

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As a beginner these are so helpful for me. Apart from that I am also learning lessons on this golf from online by thegolferswebsite.

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Thank you for sharing with us. I wanted to thank all of the guys and gals that worked on this list of tips… It was presented so well and on target! No player of Jones caliber could come close to utilizing the English language to convey meaning like him. Address Swing Principle 2: The image of the swing machine and swinging through to the follow through has transformed my golf and I have dropped 10 stokes by my third round and it would be quite a bit lower if I didn't have the odd mishit.

Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. I am constantly on the lookout for informative golfing blogs. Not only do I work in a golf schools I am also an avid golfer. There is always room for knowledge and improvement when it comes to golf. I really enjoyed this post and always look forward to learning more!

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This is a great list of tips. And with pictures just to be sure how to do this hits. I always have problems with my golf swing. This top ten help me a lot. The Company. We advise and help clients to find and select. Free download.

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