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Participants will have free time to engage in an optional activity at this time and are free to eat in a restaurant of their choice at their own expense. This trip is designed for anyone who will be comfortable on a trek where we'll be hiking most of the day for six days in a row. Good general physical condition -- as well as hiking stamina -- is important. On average, we will spend six to seven hours a day hiking with a daypack for a distance from three to ten miles per day. Elevation gain and loss average less than 2, feet per day.

There will be plenty of rest stops during the hikes.

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Most of the time, we will have shade, but there are sections of the trail in full exposure of the sun. Occasionally there will be the opportunity to skip some hiking sections of the trail by riding in our coach and meeting the group farther along the way. In general, we expect temperatures to be in the 50s and 60s during the day, and in the 40s at night.

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However Cappadocia is at a higher elevation 4, feet and temperatures there will be in the 30s at night. Overall, the fall weather should be very pleasant with many wildflowers. A pair of broken-in hiking boots is essential for hiking. Otherwise comfortable walking shoes will suffice for city walking. Although there is no dress code in Turkey, we recommend that you dress modestly in long pants in Istanbul. Shorts are okay for hiking and touring ruins.

For visiting mosques, please make sure that your shoulders and knees are covered, and women must bring a head scarf to cover their head. For the trek, bring raingear, swimwear, and one or two walking sticks. The leader will send an extensive packing list to registered participants. The Sierra Club is an environmentally focused entity. We are concerned about conservation and sustainability of resources, both locally and globally.

Our work is accomplished by volunteers and aided by a salaried staff, encouraging grassroots involvement.

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Our outings seek to empower participants toward environmentally understanding parallel concerns at home and abroad. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. After her graduation from TED Ankara College , she went to Canada and pursued her studies and professional life there. She studied Literature and Sociology at the University of Winnipeg. She started working in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a researcher, and then as broadcaster and producer.

In , with a scholarship granted by the Canada Council for the Arts , she co-authored with Ila Bussidor , a Sayisi Dene, the story of the Sayisi Dene First Nation, an aboriginal community of Canada who were forcibly moved from their ancestral lands in , and deported to and relocated in an urban environment. In the elections 18 of the members elected were women. However, in the last elections in , there were still only 50 women elected, less than 10 percent of the total.

Many other reforms have taken place in the same period that have given women parity with men — equal pay, equal rights to education and equal rights to inheritance, amongst others. On the surface at least, despite the less than impressive growth in the numbers of female deputies in the Turkish Parliament, Turkish women have achieved equality with their men-folk. How many working women here, for example, still give up their careers to become mothers and housewives?

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Even when married women with children continue to work full-time, how many of their husbands men cook, clean or look after their children? Following her graduation she began working as a researcher, broadcaster and then as a producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Women's rights in Turkey.

This book is a cleverly crafted blend of personal memoir and travel literature through which she discusses a wide-ranging set of issues affecting contemporary Turkey, including the Kurdish conflict, the controversial GAP project and the conflict between the secular and the religious in Turkey. In particular, however, she focuses on the role of women in Turkish society. During her visit to this world-famous site she focuses as much on the role of the local women who help the multi-national archeological team in their work as the dig itself.

She visits the temple of Pessinus, the city of Midas and the Artemision at Ephesus where she draws comparisons between the noisy, frenzied worship of Artemis with that of Cybele and sees the way the ancient Greek goddess becomes synchronized with the native Anatolian goddess. The poverty and hardship endured by these women is a testimony to their resilience and strength.

Worse, the use of sodium cyanide to extract the gold poisons the soil and poses a real danger to the health of the local villagers and their children.

We wore draping covers all the time. We used to ask our husbands for permission even to visit our sisters.

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But during the resistance, a time came when a knock at the window meant the woman had to go. When that time came, no husband asked his wife where she was going. Women gained confidence and freedom. We stopped using our headscarves because they got in the way. Now women walk in the front.